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Ricardo Gonzales

Hey there, I'm Ricardo Gonzales, the face behind Armed with a Music degree from WSU, I'm not just a blogger – I'm a guitar enthusiast on a mission to make playing this beautiful instrument accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whether you're a kid or an adult. Being a dad to a lively daughter and a devoted husband, I've learned the importance of sharing the joy of music across generations. My role as a music teacher goes beyond the classroom, fueled by my deep love for the guitar and the desire to inspire others to embark on their musical journey. On, I blend my music education expertise with a friendly writing style. Whether you're strumming for the first time or looking to up your game, my articles offer valuable insights, practical tips, and step-by-step guides. Beyond the strings, I share my home with a loyal Labrador who not only adds warmth but occasionally lends a paw to our musical sessions. It's a harmonious mix of canine companionship and melodic tunes. As a teacher, I create a positive and encouraging space for my students, helping them unlock their musical potential and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the art. So, if you're seeking advice on teaching guitar to kids, mastering new chords, or just want to find inspiration in your musical journey, join me on Let's explore the world of strings, chords, and melodies together, and let the transformative power of music shape our lives.

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